Tip to replace the Pad on a Random Orbital Sander

Changing the random orbital sander pad could be first time for many users and some people need guidance on the same. If you are on the same pace as others, this guide will help you further with the basics of how to replace the pad on a random orbital sander. The reason why more number of people can do it on their own is because it is one of the most user-friendly tools and even a lay man can replace the pad easily.

Before you begin the replacement of pad, it would be wise to check quickly how it works. Let us take you through the basics of how a random orbital sander pad works and what exactly goes wrong that the need of replacement is felt.

How does the pad of a random orbital sander work?

The pad makes movements in two different ways; it wiggles and rotates too. The combined rotation and wiggling may at times make scratches in different directions. If this continues, the overlapping and intersecting may cause dysfunction in the pad and it will stop working smoothly. It is one of these reasons you may have to replace the pad.

Let us help you with the basic tips of replacing the pad on a random orbital sander:

  1. Get the correct replacement:

Check the number of the pad and get the same replacement for your sander. Pads come in different models and numbers. You need to check the correct version of your pad. You may check the model number of your sander and find the correct pad online that is suitable with your model.

  1. Unscrewing the tightened screws:

Start unscrewing/loosening the screws of your existing pad. You will have to remove it completely by removing all the screws so that you can replace the new pad.

  1. Replace the pad on your random orbital sander:

Fix the new pad and start tightening the screws and mount holes if necessary. Make sure you align the screws properly so that your tool can work smoothly. You may make use of thread to tighten and fix the screws properly.

  1. Alignment:

Before you tighten everything properly, once again check if the pad is properly aligned to the backer pad. If there is any miss, your sander will not function efficiently and may stop in between or may make noise.

Always follow the steps slowly and patiently. You do not want to cause any scratches on your new pad so fix all the screws with patience. Pace yourself while aligning the pad also. With gentle hands try pressing down the sander. The weight of the sander can bear a certain level of hand pressure only.

Visit your manufacturer or call their helpdesk for any queries or confusions related to replacement of the pad on your random orbital sander. You may also browse online for any video tutorials on how to replace the pad for your sander. Check out the other related articles and find out more about your tool.

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